Wednesday, May 12, 2010

From Australia, with Love. Part 1

A lot of people have been falling asleep on our friends Down Under. I've recently discovered an amazing designer who has been deemed One to Watch by Tommy Ton.

Dion Lee.

Lee is  a 22-year old hailing from Australia. After attending the Sydney Institute of Technology, he began designing inspired by the construction of clothing, with a focus on pattern-making and innovative cuts. I love his use of pastels and especially the leggings that remind me of coral reef from the Great Barrier Reef. Another one of my favorite pieces from his collection are the prints that remind me of a painter's accidental ink blot that Dion Lee fashioned into a beautiful garment. 

The entire collection reminds me of an ethereal, beautiful girl living in a structured world forced to conform to the lines and constraints (clearly I have quite an imagination). Check out more about Dion Lee at his homepage and a glowering review of his collection at Fab Sugar Australia.

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