Thursday, August 19, 2010

My Summer in a New York Minute!

Hi my lovely (and probably few) followers. Unfortunately balancing a full time job, taking two classes AND blogging posed to be fairly difficult! Alas, I am back in business and I know you guys have missed me so I'll fill you in on what I've been busy with in the big apple...

Interning in the Fashion District.

I was very lucky to be able to obtain an internship with the Manhattan based showroom, Point A Showroom. Point A Showroom showcases a variety of different women's contemporary lines including Corey Lynn Calter, Whitney Eve and Riller and Fount. I had an amazing summer working in the showroom amongst women who were knowledgeable about the fashion industry and more than willing to answer my questions. From my experience at Point A, I gained a breadth of knowledge about showrooms, buyers and designers in the industry. Some exciting highlights were meeting two of the designers that are featured in the showroom and working three days at the fast-paced ENK Trade Show.

This summer I had the opportunity to see a variety of on and off-broadway musicals and plays. Some of my all-time favorites were Fela! and Bloody, Bloody Andrew Jackson. Fela! narrates the story of Nigerian musician turned political activist, Fela Kuti.  The theater was recreated into a nightclub with bright lights, paintings and tons of color. Known as environmental theater, the entire space was transformed into a night club with color, texture and paintings so that you felt like you were apart of the musical versus watching it from the sideline. If the theater alone didn't take you back to liveliness of The Shrine (the club Kuti played at), the ensemble of dancers (who were featured as Kuti's flock of wives) would make you feel as if you were sitting in the nightclub itself.

Bloody, Bloody Andrew Jackson also employed the use of environmental theater to tell our 7th president's life story via a rock musical. Bloody, Bloody was intensely decorated with rich fabrics, chandeliers and walls decorated with portraits of Presidents past. With catchy tunes like "Populism" and "Life Sucks", its difficult to not be impressed by the story-telling through emo rock that this musical displays. Check it out on Youtube and make sure to keep an eye on this one; it's going to Broadway!

Enjoying the Culture of the City.

Between cooling off after sunset in Washington Square Park and admiring the ease and agility of skateboarders in Union Square, I spent a lot of my time observing the culture that the city has to offer. Contortionists and Sand artists alike, I think the most enjoyable aspect of the summer was how much New Yorker's utilize their parks. It's wonderful that in a concrete jungle (lol) much like NYC you can find a little piece of mind in green oases known as New York City Public Parks.

Contortionists in Washington Square Park

Sand artists.
The crazy fashions of characters like Dandy.

Wonderful Company. 
Duke-In-New Yorkers

 In addition to enjoying the perks of the city, the company that I kept was wonderful. The Duke in New York program is 11 weeks long and it's safe to say that out of all the people I met this summer there are some that had more of an impact than others. Between the influx of visitors, the various strobe light dorm parties and spending an idyllic summer in the big apple I know for sure I made some wonderful new friends, solidified existing bonds and had an amazing time all the while. 

Lovely Line Sisters Visiting the Big Apple.

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