Tuesday, October 5, 2010

WWWW? What Would Whitley Wear?: Ode to an Iconic Southern Belle

WWWW? No that isn't a typo at all. It's an honest question: What Would Whitley Wear (if her character were living in the 21st century)? I've come across a number of different designers that I could see Whitley Gilbert, southern belle extraordinaire, from the Spring 2010 RTW Collections.

Whitley Gilbert, southern drawl, structured suits and Chanel purse in arm, redefined fashion for the average college student at Hillman College, the historically black college featured on The Cosby Show spin-off,  A Different World. If cost didn't matter and Whitley's 20-something character was moved to the 21st century, what would she wear?

Yves Saint Laurent
Yves Saint Laurent surprisingly reminded me so much of Whitley. If she stepped into 2010 she would love YSL's puff-sleeve blouses, the bright red colors and of course the ruffles! Whitley's southern mentality would definitely approve of the this collection. 

Marc Jacobs

Whitley was best known for her Southern Drawl and over-the-top accessories. I think MJ's new collection with an updated 70's style pant-suit and large sun hat would be a quintessential Whitley-in-the-21st-century look.

 This post is inspired by my wonderful and southern LS, Lauren Vickers.