Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Frost Yourself: A Little Holiday Opulence

So over Thanksgiving break, I was sitting at home on the couch with my family watching "How To Lose A Guy in Ten Days", a romantic comedy about a journalist that is doing research for her article by dating (and severely traumatizing) a guy by doing all the wrong things. Of course, there's a cozy and predictable ending, but what I thought was particularly interesting was the jewelry featured in the film. During the film, Ben (Matthew McConaughey) is vying for an advertising account with De Lauer, the distributor of 70% of the world's diamonds, and the film culminates in an event allowing women to wear a variety of expensive and luxurious baubles at a gala. Ben wins the account on the tagline, "Ladies, Frost yourself."

Of course the wheels in my mind started turning.

In jewelry specifically, there is a rekindled interest in dramatic opulence. Bling-bling, ice, frosting or whatever ridiculous misnomer is popular today, has re-emerged transformed and updated for 2010. So what does this look like? There's something particularly trendy about the newest bling, yet there is something particularly refined about the pieces. One particular line that is the essence of this new definition is nOir, a line by former stylist Leeora Catalan. Catalan, after working for Ralph Lauren and Oscar De La Renta after school, created nOir fourteen years ago.

These are two of my favorite pieces from nOir's collection. "The CW Claw" earrings have an interesting and fresh shape, while having the perfect amount amount of sparkle. While "The Artisan" earrings offer something more timeless and the insertion of the yellow stone adds a surprising element. This holiday season, as Ben might say, "Frost Yourselves." Check out these items and more at karmaloop.com and noirjewelry.com 

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