Monday, January 11, 2010

MGMT x Vogue = Pure Happiness

Wait, one second. HOLD THE PHONES. MY favorite band of all time, MGMT (pronounced Management for all you ill-informed) is in Vogue. This would be a perfect time to use the chocolate and pretzel analogy again (see For the Record. post).

 MGMT, a band whose songs were featured in our student-run rendition of The Importance of Being Earnest ( I played Ms. Prism, what what!), is a fabulous duo of two Wesleyan students. They fell in musical love at the university and the rest is electronica/indie/alternative history. One of the best moments of my life had to be when I met them in the food court of the festival Lollapalooza when I got lost sans money/cellphone/purse during Rage Against the Machine (you will only understand how grave the situation was if I let you know that someone DIED during that concert). I ended up finding my friends and being offered a fry by Andrew (pictured on the left below). What. A. Night.

I digress. However the clothes that were featured in the photographs with MGMT are traditionally credible lines that have invigorating, young designers that have breathed new life into these old-school fashion houses. Absolutely wonderful if you ask me, a fresh-faced ingenue draped in clothes that are just as invigorating as the music produced by the artists standing next to her. 

Oh and here's a picture from the time I was actually happy I got lost. Ben is on the far left, Andrew on the far left and myself and all my friends in between!

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